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I like fashion, but not nearly as much as I love style. Style is about the self, owning who you are, expressing it and sharing it with the world. It’s not really about the clothes. It’s about what they can do. What you will do in them.

Style is a big piece of how you see yourself. Quite literally, what we wear is a big part of what we see in the mirror, and what we see affects how we feel about ourselves. Changing what you see in the mirror causes you to feel differently about yourself. Style is a tool to instantly shift what you see, and in turn how you feel. When you feel good about yourself, you take better care of yourself which feeds a cycle of personal health. Shopping shouldn’t be treated as a reward (ie. once I hit my goal weight or get that raise); style is a tool to help us achieve our goal.

Larkin Brown

My head in the closet, surrounded by ties and button downs; this is the way all business trips began for my dad. Suitcase open on the bed, he brought me in to pick out his clothes and explain which pieces could be paired together. And so began my practice of styling friends and family. And while people continued to seek out my advice, I was more interested in studying people than studying the fashion. I have always been told I’m good at reading people. I pursued a degree communication and psychology to learn about the way people think and feel about themselves, as well as the many subtle ways we express it.  This led me to my first career as a user experience researcher for Google and then for Pinterest. I was a translator, tasked with quickly connecting and getting an understanding of our users and translating their unspoken needs into the product. I use my strengths as a researcher work when I style my clients. I draw out who they are and translate it into clothes that fit their lifestyle, shape, and more importantly, their personality. While there are certainly guidelines of fit, proportion, modernity that can be learned by anyone in fashion, I bring an expertise in people and focus on personal style that expresses their true self.